Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Boys & Puddles

We went help Chelsea make some hanging twine balls for the wedding at the farm, but I’m afraid we were more hindrance than help.  Mr. Man kept running in and out of the shop – dashing through mud puddles, chasing dogs and catching rain drops on his tongue after they rolled down over his face.

Dunking toys in the water Rye was working with.  Then he dunked his Sippy cup and drank from it.  Sick!!!

His pants are not high-waters or cropped!  They are overall shorts.  They just look funny because he has boots on!

I am so thankful I get to spend my days with this little man.  Such a gift from God!

Day 6 of our Diet Change:

Henry is eating much, much more since we took him off gluten, beef, refined sugar and dairy. 

He’s drinking a couple of glasses of rice milk a day which is fortified with Vitamin D etc.

The sleeping pattern WAS a FANTASY.  Last night his teeth were really bothering him.  I was up treating and soothing him until 2 am and by that he was ready to PARTY.  PARTY until 7 am!!  He then slept until 11, but I’m still wondering how either of us could see straight today.  We made it by the grace of God!

I forgot to mention that my skin changed right away.  It has been very dry in recent years and it feels very moisturized.  And I swear my toenails and fingernails changed in appearance as well. 

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