Friday, May 13, 2011

On the Farm Again...

Henry just can't wait to get on the farm again...

Drive Uncle Johnny's tractor. 

This kid loves heavy equipment.  He thinks Uncle Johnny is the coolest because he's always operating some big toys!

This kid goes mental over dogs.  I mean some kids like to pet dogs but Henry thinks they're his best friends.  He can't get enough.

What a few hours of fun on the farm will do to a little boy.  Very filthy.  But loving every minute of it.
The "new" doors on Stacey's laundry.  I love them!!  I love barn doors inside a house.
A major blessing from Stacey's roof collapse was the redo of her bedroom.  The wood floors are a warm medium brown.  Her favorite red on the walls and new bed spread.  All spells happiness for the aunt.

Have to say I'm pretty happy how the dresser turned out.  I sanded, spray primed and painted the lower part a delicate white from Valspar.  I distressed with 60 - 80 grit sand paper by hand.  I waxed it with a paste wax as a very, very smooth finish.  Feels great to the touch.  The top was sanded down to the wood.  There's a walnut paste stain and then a wax finish.  Feels like silk. 

I am using the original hardware because I think it goes.  I am only missing a few screws for the hardware and then it's done.  Not bad for my first real restoration project.

On another note. 

Henry and I went to a Naturopathic Doctor today.  We had our bio chemistry read.  Mine was for me but it's also helpful to have parental information when treating a child.  He has had very bad skin issues for a long time now.  I have been told to treat them with high doses of hydrocortisone but that just doesn't sit well with me.  I am not a treat-the-symptom type of gal.  I want to know the root of the issue and I haven't ever got an answer other than treat it and ride it out.  Well, these internal issues manifest themselves in other areas of Henry's body.  He tends to have respiratory problems when he gets sick and also has digestive issues.

My mom thought his rash might be yeast related from the beginning.  She was right.  He tested off the charts for Candida.  He is also off the charts allergic to gluten and dairy.  I am too.  I won't even go into what it has caused in my body but am happy to know I haven't been imagining severe digestive issues.  So we will try what has been recommended by the doctor, and, if we are in improved health in two months, praise God.  Neither of us are in poor health, just have unresolved unanswered symptoms that wear down the energy levels in both of us.


katie said...

Love those barn doors sooo much. Also, we did a 6 month gluten and casein free diet for my son with Asperger's. It is tough at 1st and then it gets so much easier. He also had a huge problem with yeast in his system. Wish you the best!

danielle @ take heart said...

that dresser is amazing! i love it!

stephanie said...

love those barn doors in the laundry room! amazing! and that dresser is fab.