Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some More Updates

Let’s go from joyous to not so happy updates…

It’s not a lie.  This really is so delicious.  Gluten free.  Dairy free.  And no sugar added. 

Henry’s new found love of coloring everything with pens.  Let us hope he sticks to paper.


Dave’s stepmother Linda’s mother passed away.  Dave’s step-grandmother in other words.  Keep Linda in your prayers.  Her mother was very elderly and lived a great life, but her death came quickly and it’s always shocking no matter how much you are prepared for it.


The only time I remember going to the only drive-in (it’s gone now) left in Rockport, Maine was this night.  My brother Vinny, my cousin, some neighbors kids of my great aunt who were our friends and I were in the back of a covered pick-up truck.  You could do those types of things back in the day.  We were very young.  My mother and my great aunt and my little brother Zac were in the front (I am pretty sure Zac was there).  I think we were watching Cinderella.  Someone laughed about that today but, hey, you watched what they had back then.  Especially in Rockport, Maine.  So we were part way through the movie and the security guard came to our truck and told us we had to get home.  I am not really sure what the guard said to my aunt, I just remember panic set in.  The mother of the three kids who were our friends watching the movie had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  I was old enough for the night to be burned into my memory but too young to remotely understand what it meant.  I have thought about it several times throughout my life. 

(The moved and we lost touch). The father of the kids married another woman who had two of her own children and she lovingly raised his children with him.  I am sure the biggest impact was on this man whose life changed in a moment the night the mother of his children died.  I am sure he was grateful to the woman who stepped in. 

It has been close to thirty years since she stepped in.  But this past weekend she was killed in an accident.  Can you imagine the heartache of the husband and all of the adult children involved?  I haven’t seen this couple in a few years, but my heart goes out to him and his family.  Please pray for God’s comfort to supernaturally surround them.  God is faithful.

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