Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Until We Meet Again, Grandpa

(this photo is of his first 6 grandchildren taken almost 35 years ago – my brother on the far left is in heaven with my grandfather today).

You will be missed.

Please pray for my Galkowski family as we lost my grandfather last night.  Our loss, heaven’s gain.  Please pray for his children and my grandmother as they navigate the details and life without him on a daily basis.

Grandpa Galkowski was the father of eight, a husband of over 60 years, grandfather to 20 and great grandfather to 32 if I have counted correctly.  He got to see his beloved daughter and my brother last night as he entered into eternity.  And many of his family that went on before him. 

He also was a devout Catholic, a veteran of 3 wars I believe including a Navy Medic in WW II and the son of Polish immigrants.  He grew up in a Polish neighborhood in Detroit, MI. 

I took this photo the last time I saw my grandfather I think.