Thursday, November 8, 2012


Wow, the hours just fly by in a day. 

No photos today.  The boys and I took a trip to Walmart this morning because I wanted to pick up a photo I had printed for my Grandfather Galkowksi who is in the hospital with pneumonia.  Please pray for him as he is elderly, weak, has COPD and is very sick at this time.  And my grandmother and family as they navigate the best care for him.  So we picked the card up and I had bribed Henry to tear him away from his farm toys by telling him we were going to see Christmas.  Unfortunately (maybe fortunately for some), Walmart’s Christmas display wasn’t that exciting.  But we did manage to get Grandpa his card.

Speaking of Henry’s farm toys.  He has a complete operation set up.  He’s quite creative using train tracks as fences and cardboard boxes as extra garage space and barn space.  He has one fenced cow pasture and a fenced horse pasture.  Included in those are tractors with trailers hauling smaller animals.  Quite the scene that takes up most of the living room.  Tonight when we told him it was time to get ready for bed, he had to make sure all of the cows and horses were sleeping by laying them on their sides.  Then all of the tractors went to sleep by placing them in the barn.  This is a very delicate task that he takes seriously and does slowly and carefully.  I am quite impressed.

Hudson is growing by leaps and bounds.  Dave likes to say he’s half my size already which he probably is in length because it doesn’t take much hahaha.

My sister in-law’s dog of 16.5 years died.  She is very sad, so please pray for her as well.

My time is becoming more and more consumed with my children and building this Melaleuca business along with daily things that always need tending to. 

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