Monday, November 5, 2012

Cuteness & Conversations

If the only thing I got out of giving Hudson his first tastes of “real” food was more of his absolute cuteness it was worth him going through something he didn’t like.  Nope.  He doesn’t really like rice cereal and not a big fan of bananas.  The two things we have tried over the last few days. 


He’s too small for a highchair but I threw him in Henry’s anyway to try to feed him a little more and to take a few photos.  Oh. My. Word.  HE IS TOO CUTE!!!

We tried rice cereal for the first time on Friday, I think.  And bananas today. 

Someone gave him a shirt that says, “Mommy’s little alarm clock.”  That he is.  He’s up so early with this time change.  Before six o'clock.   Quite different than Henry.

Speaking of Henry, he is absolutely killing me.  His little role playing he has with his toys is so fun to listen to.   He does it all day long.  The tractors talking to him.  The farmers talking to the animals.  Now he wants me to have Hudson’s stuffed bunny talked to him (Henry) all day long.  He even wants me to hold it when I’m driving so it can continue to carry on a conversation with Henry.  I LOVE his imagination. 

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