Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hudson’s Check Up

Yesterday we went to Hudson’s 5 month check up.  His doctor moves with lightening speed and we are in an out in literally five minutes once we get into the check up room.  Hudson weighs 19 lbs and 4 oz, so he’s at the top of the charts in weight.  He’s 26 inches.  He’s a big boy.  That’s what the doctor calls him.  He did get the second part of the meningitis shot.  Of course, he was fussy at night last night so I was a little freaked out about the shot.  I couldn’t calm him down (he’s teething and probably was beyond tired), so I brought in one of our porch rocking chairs and held him for an hour – rocking, walking and praying.  He finally collapsed in my arms.  I was actually thankful to have that special time with him.  Usually, I am being pulled in so many directions now that I am working from home and then there’s Henry who is extremely active. 

Henry has been expanding his vocabulary by leaps and bounds and really maturing in so many ways.  We went out to lunch with my aunt Molly when she was in town.  Henry had been dying to see her and her family.  I was a little concerned about going out to lunch because he is a very active 3 year old boy.  He did so well.  He sat in his chair for over an hour.  He also is doing well staying with me at the grocery store or going to an appointment.  The other day he pushed the cart around Trader Joe’s for me for the second time.  I got a little bit of anxiety while he was doing it because he wasn’t always listening when I told him to stop and there were a few elderly ladies that almost got taken out. 

I think Henry is going to be a salesman.  Maybe all kids are just brilliant at convincing their parents to do something.  This kid can seriously talk me into things and I am a very strong willed person as well.  I can see why parents cave just to get the broken record to stop.

Henry really loves his baby brother and does do a lot to help out.  He’s always getting things for me and throwing away dirty diapers.  He pays attention to his brother and sometimes purposely wakes him up when he’s taking a nap because he wants to see his eyes open as Henry puts it.

Henry has a habit of telling everybody that it’s his birthday on Christmas.  Then he tells people that the clothes he’s wearing he was given by Santa Claus.  Then he tells people Santa is coming which he must have picked up from someone because we haven’t really told him this or that reindeer are going to land on our roof which he is always saying.  If you ask him if he wants Santa to come to our house he gets struck with fear and says that he doesn’t like Santa Claus.  I was afraid of Santa when I was little too.

Henry loves family hugs and if Dave and I have a hint of a disagreement Henry gets very upset.  He is very sensitive.

Hudson is my happy camper for the most part.  He’s rolling over and very mobile.  I have to be very careful with him now.  He even pushes himself out of the car seat if I set him in it for a minute on the floor while I am doing something.  He’s very smiley and loves to be held.  But he does do very well sleeping in his own bed during the day which Henry NEVER did.  I guess being a second child means you have to cope with things the first didn’t have to.

My camera has had some technical difficulties because my camera card broke and the only other one I had took six photos max.  Kind of a bummer but Dave got me a new one that came in the mail last night.  So we should be up an running.

If you ever get a chance, please read my cousins’ blogs.  My cousin Rye and her husband are living in Budapest teaching at an international Christian school.  They are traveling around.

My cousin Annie lives in Chicago now and is always taking fabulous trips around the world.

For those of you who don’t know, I “by accident” (don’t believe in that) started a Melaleuca business after becoming a customer in the end of September.  I have a great team and it’s going better than expected.  It has become a great provision to supplement our income.  I was refinishing furniture and buying and reselling things from auctions.  I LOVE doing those things and will continue.  This new business allows me to leverage my time better and I look forward to doing more of the things I love while being able to help others whether through introducing them to a safe product, helping them build their business or having the financial means to help myself.  I appreciate prayers around navigating life with two children while working.  I praise God I can do this from the comfort of my home.  It’s a very small sacrifice in comparison with dropping them off at daycare each day.

Dave has been working like crazy at his work – overtime and Saturdays.  He only took one Bible College class this semester as we were still adjusting to having two children.  He has been taking second shift with the kids when he gets home at night.  It has worked out really well.  Both of us are tired but thanking God we can do the things we are doing to making ends meet. 

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