Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So Funny

Listening to church service online while the kids sleep and saw this on someone’s Facebook feed.  Yes, I am a little ADD (that’s why I need to physically go to church!!).  I laughed my head off at it because I am slightly psycho:

Drove down to DC today to help my mom prepare for thanksgiving by vacuuming, dusting and cleaning windows. I get down there and things are going well till the vacuum cleaner hits the edge of one of the many table coverings my mom has. Sucks the fabric right into the vacuum. And the soda on the table. Right into the thing. Scratch one vacuum cleaner.

We clean this mess up, and while we're moving couches around to vacuum under, I startle a rat. Yes. A rat. A rat that was not the least bit afraid of me. After some maneuvering and a bit of angry couch flipping (a new olympic sport I hope) we manage to scare it, hopefully, out of the house. Then I run behind one of the couches that we've put back up and cut my pants and leg open on a piece of rusted metal sticking out from my mom's 30 year old couch.

So, after some peroxide and a little Iodine I finish all the vacuuming and dusting and get to the window cleaning. And jam my thumb into a nail that was left in the window frame. Little nail. Painted the same color as everything else. Just waiting for me.

Then I have some pumpkin pie with mom and drive to the local CVS for a tetanus shot.
Thanksgiving will be a downhill coast.

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