Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Read

I started reading Undaunted by Christine Caine a few days ago.  It has been an excellent book for meditation.  It reminds me of the poem Pastor Schaller read in church this morning about everybody thinking anybody could do the job and of course somebody would but nobody is always faithful.  Interesting.  I am definitely guilty of that charge and God has been convicting me lately to stand in the gap where I can.  I am so grateful that we as Americans have the freedom to worship.  And I want to build myself up in the most holy faith, but what good does my faith do when I comfortably watch an orphan go without food or a widow struggle to keep food on the table?  Or a grieving family go without a phone call or a card?  There are so many needs we all could get paralyzed but that is no excuse for doing nothing.  When we do for the least, we do for Him.  Pure religion is helping orphans and widows in their time of distress.  God, let me take that seriously.  Amen.

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