Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hudson’s First Thanksgiving


I took this on the way out the door to our friends Eileen’s for Hudson’s first Thanksgiving.  He was so precious and so tired by the end of our gathering. 

Taken before we left for the day. 

Pastor Alexson sparked some great dinner conversation after Henry renamed him Lisa.  Yes, Lisa.  We all laughed our heads off (not Bill so much).  It was a lot of fun and we had other plans to keep going.  But Hudson was so tired after all of the flirting he did with the women who were going crazy over him.  Henry became more of an energizer bunny and we weren’t sure if Eileen would have any furniture left if we stayed much longer.  So home we are and too tired to decorate the tree.

My littlest man is fast asleep now for a while and Henry and I watched some really cool National Geographic shows together.  A first for us and we both really loved it. 

I called my grandmother Galkowski this morning and was completely broken hearted for her.  She was telling me how she keeps thinking to turn the light on for my grandfather and then remembers he’s not there.  It totally crushed me for her.  I can’t imagine being married for a few months shy of 60 years and then going on without your partner.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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