Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Much Needed Update

Well… there’s a lot to tell.


Our lifestyle change is going well.  I have eaten a few things not on my list – chocolate (without milk), a diet coke on a 100 degree day and Henry and I shared a vegan gelato that same day we were dying of the heat walking around the inner harbor.  I also must have eaten a little gluten by accident… could be those Chick-fil-a fries I have been craving.  Big mistake.  When things are cooked in the same oil as gluten = massive migraine.

Since Henry’s day of getting terribly ill, he has done much better.  For the most part we are very strict with him only on occasion allowing some sugar.  His digestive system has improved greatly and it seems as though he is eating much, much more and growing.  His rash comes and goes.  The Candida battle will be a long hard fight made longer by my occasional sugar allowance for my baby.

Dave and I are now door greeters at church.  We do it once a month while my mother in-law watches the little one.  I might have already mentioned this.  We love it!

My weekly Bible studies ended over a month ago and it seems that something comes up every time I try to get to the new one.  Hopefully tomorrow!

So, it might be time to potty train Henry.  He whipped his diaper off one day while Myriah was here and peed on my couch pillow.  Then the next day he took his diaper off while supposedly taking a nap (ha-ha) and had big hunks of poop EVERYWHERE.  It was sick!!  So just steeling myself up for something I have never done.

I am reading The Help about black women’s perspective on helping white women in the 60’s.  Very interesting.  And sad.  And probably accurate.

Henry’s vocabulary has increased tremendously.  He pretty much can repeat anything we say and is attempting to communicate more and more.  He also is very good at following commands.

Yesterday we went to the lunch rap at church.  We drove by the exit we usually take to Stacey’s and Henry started screaming,"Shayshe! Shayshe!”  I had to tell him we weren’t going to Stacey’s yet.  It’s so cute he can recognize an exit.  It doesn’t really stand out from the rest – they all look the same!  Smart boy!

It’s close to 100 degrees here today.  We have limited our outdoor exposure.

I bought an oak table and chairs for my mom for mother’s day.  I am refinishing them as a gift.  I have been quite the slacker because of the wedding and company.  But I am back in gear.  She requested just plain but I think I’m going to surprise her.


Photos to come!

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