Friday, June 10, 2011

God of the Details

We have all heard miraculous stories of God sustaining someone buried alive for weeks after science says they should be dead.  Or a tumor that is terminal vanishing without any medical explanation.  Those stories are so encouraging.  And I think we all of stories of deliverance by God even when we were the ones to get ourselves into the mess.  Thank God He is on the throne and not us.  We would have mercy for ourselves and judgment for everyone else as Pastor Schaller recently said in a sermon.

Do you believe more and more that God is the God of details?  That we can trust Him with ALL of our hearts and lean not onto our own understanding in EVERY situation.  I am learning this more and more.  And He proves it to me over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.  I mean over and over and over and over and over and over again.  Sometimes we think we’ll leave the major things to God and get to work on the minor.  But then we find ourselves peaceful in the major and losing our minds over the mundane details of life.  Praise God, He is always working on us and faithful to complete the work He started.  That we can trust Him with our very life and every detail in it.  That’s why I love reading the Gospel of Matthew chapters 6 & 7.  All about asking, receiving, not worrying and losing our lives.  It’s funny how those things all go together.  We worry less when we lose our life and ask God and believe we will receive.  So amazing.

I have been reflecting this afternoon on how faithful God has been in our housing.  I mean really?  Was it really God?  Don’t you just find a place to rent or buy and just do it?  Don’t you do the work?  Well, praise God, we are on our fourth house purchase as a couple and have sold four houses as a couple and each bought one before we got married.  So, EACH and I mean EACH house has a God story and He was faithful to show His hand in this most recent contract we signed today.

Yup, you heard it.  We are purchasing another house, Lord willing.

My top 10 things I am looking forward to and thanking God for when it comes to this house (not my dream house but VERY thankful for the provision and it’s perfect for us now):

1. A working dishwasher (we’re hoping).  I have been doing dishes non-stop for months.

2. Not sending a rent check to someone else’s investment (but am very pleased with the owners of this house as they are with us).

3. Fixing and changing what I want without asking permission!  (well, maybe from Dave ha-ha).

4. Having an investment!

5. No more slow drains (we hope).

6. A front doorknob on the inside!!!!  You would know what I am talking about if you ever visited.

7.  More space.

8. Not being “the renters” of the neighborhood.  This is not the most rent happy neighborhood and our neighbors told us they ARE NOT happy the owner is renting even though they like us (we hope).

9. Having a workshop area!

10.  Feeling more settled about our situation.  Although we like to move, it’s nice to know we don’t have to if we don’t want to which is not the case when renting.


Top 10 Things I will miss about our rental (in no particular order on either top 10)

1. Location, location, location.  Man I wish we could afford this neighborhood.  Love it!

2. The neighborhood park I have grown to love.  Henry loves even more.

3. How close it is to Dave’s work.

4. Our sweet neighbors down the street Smile.

5.  Being so close to my friend Beth and her family.

6.  Being so close to Trader Joe’s.  My new favorite grocery store.

7.  The lovely back yard.

8. The lovely front yard.

9.  The lovely living room (size and fireplace and windows).

10.  Our amazing realtor Lisa Schaller who has walking with us in the whirlwind, crazy journey on this upcoming house and has also witnessed the hand of God in the process.  She lives down the street and I already mentioned her once, she’s worth another mention.



Jami said...

I love both of your lists. Looking forward to where God is taking you and thankful for where he's had you. Great post!

myriahmae said...

I'm really excited for you!!! And Tim is even more excited about helping you move in the middle of a Baltimore summer!!

Changing Lanes said...

may you find happiness and blessings in your new home. :) ~d.