Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of May–Beginning of June–Family

henry and mom

Henry with mom at the Out of Town Guests’ Dinner at Mary Pine’s house.  Two nights before Chelsea and Victor’s wedding.

daves family

We finally got to see Tom and Colby after so many years (Dave’s sister’s husband and son).  Henry loved, loved, loved playing with his cousin Colby! 


Henry wanted to hang out with his cool cousin Colby the whole time!

bluegrass band

The bluegrass band at Johnny & Stacey’s for a farm event and my grandfather’s birthday.  They were excellent!

henry showing off

Henry showing off for the crowd!

henrys swimming pool

Henry’s pool membership at Aunt Stace’s.

too cute

Henry running around naked on the farm.  His little bum is so cute.


The table I am refinishing for my mother for a very late mother’s day gift!

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