Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Lot Going On

Well, there’s a lot going on around here.  And then my free time is taken up with Francine River’s the Mark of the Lion Series.  Thanks to my friend Beth for getting me hooked in a big way.  I thought the first book I read of hers, a fiction based on Hosea, was totally fabulous, but this series blows them away!

I didn’t post this when it happened but wanted you all to pray for my mom who shattered her ankle within the last couple of weeks.  It is healing well but she cannot be weight bearing for a while longer (she had surgery soon after the accident due to the severity).

Dave had to have a tooth pulled and an old root canal fixed.  He’s had a major mouth infection and been on pain killers.  Poor guy suffers from teeth issues even though he takes great care of them.  I am praying that his mouth is completely healed like never before with no more pain.

We also found out that Dave needs to change his diet.  It’s funny but not funny.  Dave was making fun of me (us) because of cutting way down on sugar (supposed to be gone) and the refined carbs, beef and dairy.  His doctor told him he can’t have beef anymore or sugar or pasta or bread.  All things most people love.  It does make our  house a little easier to manage.

I mentioned my cousin in an earlier post.  She is a very sweet young woman with two young children.  She just had surgery for cancer.  Please continue to pray for her, her kids and her parents and siblings. 

I have been and will continue to meditate on the Word of God I/we heard over the last week.  It is impossible to put into words the life God has imparted to me.  As Oswald Chambers always puts it is we cannot build a memorial and remain on these mountain top places.  These high points with God are for the majesty of the mundane.  Our daily life.  Thank God that, though we are nobodies, we are God’s best gift because we have something eye has not seen and ear has not heard (Pastor Matti).  We kick the dust off our feet so it doesn’t crowd our souls.  There is so much dust in this world.  Don’t let the dust take you out of your call from God, don’t let the dust take you out of church, kick the dust off your feet.  (thoughts from Pastor Matti).

God has really been speaking to me that He is God.  I know that’s really original, but, come one, do we really act like it all of the time or half of the time or even some of the time for some?  Do I understand that I am a child of the Creator of the Universe?  Do I pray with that power?  I want to think, I want to believe like I am a child of God.  I am not talking perfection.  I am talking expectation on God.  Believing and owning and having the truth He has given me in His Word.  Believing He is able.  Knowing He will.  Not letting my Bible knowledge, my pain from the past, my love for my rights and what I deserve be a cloak to hide me from God and my call (Pastor Schaller).  Bitterness, living in childhood traumas, living in wounds from the past – holding onto all of those (we all have them) is focusing on yourself.  It’s a form of worship (my own words) because those things become the focus of your attention – a high place exalted.  Look unto God. 

God has also speaking to me to pray more.  Worry less (worry none).  Strive less (strive none).  Do less (for God).  Pray more.  Saturday morning on outreach my husband and William and Henry were knocking on doors.  I stood back and prayed.  “God, this is your weakest saint sending a canon ball to heaven (quote from Pastor Scibelli quoting someone else) asking you to do something great this morning.  Encourage us.  Show us you have a plan in this.  Lead us to someone.”  A few doors down I knocked on a door and a lady came out.  She told me she began a personal relationship with God in December after a very difficult time in her life.  She was watching TV and Christian program came on and something in her couldn’t switch it off.  She received Christ.  She has been watching the program since.  This past week the host told the audience they need to be in a local church to be taught the Word of God and fellowship with other believers.  This woman had no idea where to begin to look.  She prayed on Friday, “Lord, send me someone to invite me to church.”  Within in 24 hours we knocked on the door.  She had tears in her eyes.  She came to church today in Dundalk.  It’s a church plant from our larger church in neighboring area.  My husband was there to sit beside her.  It’s a God thing. 

Thanks Katie for doing this link up!

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katie said...

This whole post had me clinging word to word. Beautiful. I am praying for your mom, cousin, and husband's diet change. I feel for your cousin. I don't know if you've read my about me story, but my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma 3 years ago. It was such a hard year. Having little ones and cancer is not easy.