Thursday, June 16, 2011

Annual Women’s Missionary Tea

For some reason I have never attended this annual event.  Probably always timing.  So glad I made it this year.  I felt like I was walking ten feet off the ground when I walked out of the door this evening. 

The night’s décor was dressed up women from all of the world in hats and fascinators.  Thanks to my friend Holly I was able to add to my attire a trivet.  Yes, we taped her trivet to my head band and it was a hit!  There were also dainty tea cups and many more beautiful decorations.

Three lovely missionary ladies were highlighted tonight – An American serving in Romania, a French lady serving in Zambia (go Sarah!) and a Fin serving in the far east.

“Where God takes us is for our growth” Sarah Tanguay.  There were so many great nuggets to take away tonight.  I enjoyed each person thoughts.

Pastor Schaller spoke on Song of Solomon 3:1 - 4.  He opened it by having us share with a neighbor what offends us.  Then he went into novice traits of an believer:

1.  The number one novice trait is to be easily offended.  Am I easily offended?

2.  Number two was wanting to retaliate when people are cruel to me.

3. Easily disturbed by the details of life and the trouble we have with people.

Wow!  Such good thoughts for meditation.

When I get offended it’s a good indicator of something wrong inside of me.  I can be hurt, but I know the One who loves me & I love Him.

There are times when I don’t find God – that can be good for me.  Some times when it seems as though my very needs are not being met. 

Add to your faith knowledge – feed your faith not your problems.

What am I seeking when I am offended?  Am I seeking justice, solutions?  “SEEK ME” God says!

If I am offended just move on.  Learn to leave some things alone.  Seek Him and you shall find Him, then you shall have a message to share.

Those are some notes from this evening.

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