Monday, February 10, 2014

a new journey - friend with cancer

my best friend up here in Maine had a routine mammogram in September.  since then a lump has formed in her breast.  she already has lumps so she didn't want to make too much of it.  but at the same time it concerned her.  a couple of weeks ago she contacted her doctor who also thought it probably wasn't anything but did have her get another mammogram.  the mammogram led to an ultrasound.  which led to a consultation with a surgeon and radiologist.  all without news of what it was.  then a biopsy last Tuesday.  she was expecting news Thursday, February 6 or Friday, February 7.  the call came in Friday, February 7 in the afternoon.  the news was not good.  invasive ductile (not sure of spelling or word) carcinoma.  all numbers were bad in every category.  no word on if the cancer has spread as of yet.

one word.  one call.  one life changed.  wait.  many lives changed.  but who can know what it feels like to received that call about yourself until you receive one.  until you have walked in those shoes.  bobbie has taken care of at least 4 or 5 close friends and family members who have died from cancer in the last 5 years.  the last one being her own father who passed away at 57 two years ago this past January.

when we road home one night from augusta she was already prepping her feelings if she heard that dreadful word.  she would be mad.  how can so many people not take care of themselves and never have an issue.  it was all surreal.

when the call came.  more so.  is this for real?

i remember that monday evening in October three months after the shocking phone call about my own brother.  into the gym.  out of the gym.  several missed calls.  dread.  i already dreaded calls and still do to this day because of the phone call about my brother.  i knew more bad news.  my sister in-laws brother was missing at sea.  i knew he was fine.  it couldn't be that my brother zac would lose his only brother and then his wife would suddenly lose her only sibling three months later.  nope.  wasn't happening.  but it did.

so the cancer call was real.  and this week she finds out if it has spread.

it's such horrible news but i already see God's hand in it.  He works everything together for good.  it's impossible not to have ripple effects reach multitudes.  relationships with rifts suddenly healed and better than ever.

a marriage better than ever.  i could cry watching bobbie and jim.  so loving.  they have fought so hard for their marriage and this bitter news has made the water sweet.  and i could go on.

i am so thankful to have a friend who trusts God and a God who holds us all in His hands.

His ways are SO much higher than our ways.

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