Friday, February 21, 2014

Beginning Minor Kitchen Makeover

Here is a photo of the start of our kitchen redo.  I took it with Pano on my iphone.  You can see the dark green above the cabinets which is going.  We are also painting the wall in between the kitchen and living room with black chalkboard paint.  I was using the living room chair with a  kitchen chair teetering on top as a ladder.  Until Dave came home and told me we have a ladder in the basement. Haha.

This is Henry on Saturday.   We took him to the doctor on Sunday.
This is Hudson over last weekend eating a chocolate chip pancake.

Henry painting today.  Last night when we were eating dinner Henry told Dave he is a massive guy.  Then he said, "You are a massive guy and you eat massive hot dogs off the floor with your massive mouth."   It still cracks me up.


Hudzy Bear painting.  Hudson is really smart.  I know I am his mother but he really is.  I had pots and pans out this morning hoping to distract him.  When it wasn't working I told him to put them all away and he did.  Then he wanted to carry his sippy cup up the stairs by himself while climbing the stairs himself.  He couldn't figure out a way to make it happen because he wanted both of his hands free, so he set it down and grabbed it with his teeth.  The other day he pointed out what he want to eat to Dave and then he pointed that he wanted to eat it at the coffee table.  So Dave set up the little chair and gave him a fork (he has refused to eat with out a utensil from a very young age and won't let anyone feed him either).  Hudson then pointed to a napkin. Dave gave him one and Hudson set it beside his food and wiped his mouth off between bites.  He hates it when food gets on his clothes but hates it even more when I take his shirt off. 
Bobbie Jo got news that her cancer has spread to her lymph nodes.  Please pray it hasn't spread further.  She is waiting on an MRI.

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