Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hudson's Smartness and Henry's Smartness

Hudson for months now takes the diapers out and wipes when he wants to be changed.  So cute.  He is also so good at imaginative play.  Henry had a tea party set up on the dining room table. Hudson climbed up on a chair and started to pretend drink and eat. He cooks us meals in the kitchen.  So cute. He is also very opinionated about what he wants to eat so he will have us hold him up to the refrigerator or pull what he wants out of the cupboard.

If we drive anywhere once Henry remembers.   It's so amazing.  I am talking back roads in Maine where there are only trees.  He will say aren't we on Bobbie's road or Lyla's road.  And we can even be coming from the opposite direction.  So smart.

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