Monday, February 10, 2014

Last Day of Swim Lessons and More

oh my word.  i just love watching Henry take swim lessons.  and for the most part i have been able to thanks to my father meeting me at the y and watching Hudson there for me.

i am just so proud of Henry.  today was his last day and he learned about safety.   AND he got to go down the slides that he has been waiting to go down since the first class.  he and the girl behind him on the board were the two that dared to go down.

my little love bug is growing up.  he is such a helper and such a comedian and such a lover of people and such a talker.  i just can't imagine what he could be when he grows up because he is so unique.  that's why i pray all the time that he will follow God and love God.  because God knows.

i tell him that God built him.

and he told everyone in his class that God died on the cross for his sins.  the kid kills me.

Christopher turned 4 the end of January and Zac and Steph had his party last night.

i took more videos than photos.

this kid is too much.  talk about knowing what you want from a baby.  this little boy knows what he wants.  i is a real go getter and he's not even 2!!  he's charming, he's super smart, he's strong willed and he loves his mommy.  he melts my heart every minute of the day.

we had a snow day last week.  bobbie came over and we ate and watched a movie.

our babysitter lyla goes to our church.  so we try to do a girls' night once in a while to talk.  praying for a major adventure with God for this one.

snowy dreamy rockport harbor.  one of my favorite places on earth.

this is only the beginning.  our cupboards are raided daily by a 19 month old.

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