Monday, February 17, 2014

Sick Babies

Hudson is sleeping on me right now. Couldn't bear to hear him cough and moan without holding him. And I can't sleep anyway. Too much caffeine. And Super Why's ABCD song in my head.

Henry went to the doctor today and has an ear infection along with his sickness. He is sleeping quietly now.

Poor things. I remember when people used to say wait until you have two and both are sick. Now I get the meaning. I think this is the sickest they have been since last year when we all got the flu during Jana's wedding.

But I am thanking God for every good and perfect gift. Seriously. Been studying the word alone which has brought me to some incredible narratives so far. In the book of Exodus and Judges. And at the same time meditating on the virtuous woman. Wow. When I read the end of Proverbs 31 I feel empowered by God and convicted by God. Both really good.

Bobbie Jo, my friend just diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, was told she has one of the most aggressive and invasive cancers. She has priority treatment by the medical staff. They told her she will need 20 weeks of the most aggressive cancer. And her lymph node had to be biopsied. Next she will have an MRI to determine treatment route - what combination of surgery, chemo and radiation. She also visited her naturopathic breast cancer specialist doctor who surprisingly to Bobbie agreed with the Chemo treatment. Bobbie is still on her Ketogenic diet and doctors agree helpful. Bobbie is praying for clarity and wisdom to choose the correct treatment path.

Starting to paint the house. Choosing paint colors and buying samples proves to be a tad more difficult in rural Maine. :). Just because of driving distance to stores.

I am also doing Ketogenic diet to be a partner in crime to Bobbie. It's supposed to be 80% fat, 15 protein and 5 carbs. I have to sy that's extremely challenging. Fat has more calories, so technically it fills you up faster. But you have to eat small quantities because caloric intake can become massive. But the actual portion size is so small that I think psychologically it messes with my head. I certainly have more energy but so much so I cannot sleep. I guess that is a common side effect. Bobbie came over tonight and she's not even doing the hardcore 80 % fat so I am relieved to loosen the rules a little. Hoping that means more sleep.

Hopefully can sleep now with this little rug rat.

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