Monday, February 10, 2014

Documenting a Journey - Friend with Cancer

this photo was taken in November.  probably as the cancer was starting to wreak havoc in her body.  but this girl's a fighter.

she found out on friday, february 7, 2104 that she had aggressive invasive cancer in the breasts.  no news on where else.  we are praying it is only in that area.

we met at her house that night to talk cancer fighting strategies.  so her first line of defense is God OF COURSE!  prayer, prayer and more prayer.

but she is also diving head first into the land of the ketogenic diet.  there are stories of tumors being abolished.  real live people who were given months to live and are still alive today.   how does it work?  all cells in our bodies run off glucose.  even cancer.  if you can switch your body to ketones (running off fat), cancer cannot make the switch.  how do you do that?  going seriously low on carb count.  bobbie is around 20 or less per day.

the good news is she bought ketosis (not sure of spelling) strips to test her urine today and she is already in the highest ketosis.  AMAZING.

she meets with her doctors tomorrow and friday.  we are praying that the tumors are healed by God or demolished before surgery is needed and God will make it clear.

so i am documenting this journey.

i am trying to be her food consultant to take something off her plate so she can call and ask how many carbs does an item have in it and i will look it up for her.  AND today is day one for me to be her partner in crime.  we tested me after a day of no carbs and i was negative for ketones meaning i am still running on glucose.  it takes 48 hours.

i am so thankful for my precious friend.  heart broken for her because this type of news is devastating.  it just is.  but she knows God has a plan.

and we will record it here God willing.

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