Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hmmm... Food, Rest, Faith and HGTV

These short winter days just make me want to sit down with a warm drink and indulge in HGTV.   Though whenever I really feel that way I don't like the shows that are on.

My littlest peanut is cutting more teeth so we are up quite frequently during the night and have late nights and early mornings.  Not the best recipe for rest.  Learning to continue to navigate a life of extreme exhaustion.  Lack of sleep used to drive me to the brink of an asylum but God literally has giving me the grace to operate in joy (most of the time haha).

Lately I have been meditating on faith and trust.  It seems as though God is bringing me into a new level of understanding.  This spiritually dark, New England spiritual scape provides a distract contrast to the power of the Word of God.  It really excites me.  To know that My Creator, the world's Creator can easily cut through the facade of intellectualism, liberalism, extreme Yankee independence and the thin layer of happiness that is displayed as a front to mask the war you know must be battling in the soul.  I tell myself these things as I walk around the beautiful aesthetic of the YMCA in a beautiful coastal town with beautiful people who seem to have it all.  So many masks.  The raw broken lives of the poor and drug addicted is not as intriguing as those who have built the beautiful fortress to encapsulate their desperate insatiable souls.  I used to be afraid (I am sure I would be on some days now) and insecure and insufficient.   And I know I am all of those things in my flesh.  But God.  God loves the arrogant agnostic. The distant deist who dabbles in humanitarian causes.  The Word of God can slice through those walls like soft butter.

So I am learning to believe God on a new level.   Rest when the body is exhausted and anxieties want to run high.

Henry has been taking swim lessons.  The world is opening around him like a person who has suddenly gaining more and more eye sight.  I love it.  He has so many things he loves and wants to do.  He is so excited about life.  My little romantic and lover of life.  I have to remind myself to stop and see the world through his eyes because his constant chatter can become unbearable at times.  But I love seeing things through his eyes.

Hudson is a little maniac.  He's all boy.  Very rough.  He loves to dance.  Loves to get into everything and destroy things.  He isn't afraid of anything except separation from his mother.   He's very observant and wants to do everything Henry is doing but wants to take over and have Henry stop.

Henry does torture his brother but wants him around at all times.  And is the more agreeable one between the two.

Hudson has a will of steel and a temper to match it.  We are working on his all out tantrums, hitting and back arching.  But his charm is equally as strong.  He seems to bewitch all of those around him.  A crowd favorite.  Could be that he still looks so much like a baby for being 19 months old.

Henry went to his first movie.  I took him.  I was more madly in love with him after watching him watch the movie.  He was so cute.

I am still working my Melaleuca business though a bit slower going than in the beginning.  So trusting God for direction in that area.

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