Thursday, January 9, 2014

Perfect Fit

At least it seems that way.

Wednesday Dave is home from work.  As he is on Tuesdays.  But they are both work days for me.  Fit everything in days.  We had plans to go to a bulk shopping club... not my idea of fun but suddenly I got the urge to go pick up June from the shelter.  We visited her and the 300 pound pig last week in a snow storm.  So after working out and a trip to Walmart sans children, I stopped in at the shelter to take June on a slumber party.  But I left with Loki.  After what seemed like getting through the line at the department of motor vehicles... they don't work at lightning speed at the shelter (with the exception of one lady).  I almost walked out without him because it was taking SO long.

I am glad I didn't because Loki is amazing.  We are not thrilled about his name but we are in complete shock that we have a dog at our house that isn't a complete nutcase.  It's a first.

Loki was dropped off on the road near one of the local shelters when he was 8 months old (4 months ago).  He was super hyper.  Not shocking because he is half walker hound (what Maggie was).  We think he might be half golden retriever.  He's very pretty.  The shelter works with the local prison and some of the dogs go through and intense training program.  Whatever they did worked.  This dog is still a puppy but for the most part is the most amazing dog I have ever been around.  He listens and has the best nature.

Hudson has already grabbed and pulled almost every inch of him and he doesn't flinch.

So the next step is naming him... if we keep him.  Been one night and one full day so far.  So far soooooooooooo good.

When we were leaving this morning.  Hudson visiting with Loki before we left.

Henry with the dog tonight before bed.  The little monster is beside me right now because he couldn't sleep.  Love my little man.

My wild little man with the dog tonight.  Kept sitting on Loki.

I got to go to Henry's swim lessons alone this week.  Hudson got to spend some time with Aunt Steph, Teagan, and Christopher.  It was so much fun.  He did a great job and told everyone he was the teacher.

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