Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year from the Umsteads!!

Our boys on New Year's Eve.

We went to church and came home well before midnight.

Love this quote:

Fear is a thief. It erodes our faith, plunders our hope, steals our freedom, and takes away our joy of living the abundant life in Christ. Phobias are like coils of a snake - the more we give in to them, the tighter they squeeze. Tired of fighting, we succumb to the temptation and surrender to our fears. But what seemed like an easy way out becomes, in reality, a prison of unbelief - a fortress that holds us captive. Dr. David Jeremiah in the book What Are You Afraid Of? quoting Neil T. Anderson, author and educator. Here's to living like we believe in 2014!!

I finished Kisses from Katie and now am working on this book.

It's been extremely cold and snowy the last few weeks in Maine.  Loving our wood stove.  Today we ventured out to the YMCA.  Henry and Hudson go to a program called Prime Time while I work out.  It's basically babysitting which is awesome.  The facility is getting remodeled so they had it in the basketball gym today.  Hudson tried to make a basket with the basketball the ENTIRE time I was gone.  The teachers were pretty impressed.  This kid is MADLY in love with balls.

It's been snowing pretty lightly all day.  Last night when I couldn't sleep I happened to look on the humane society's website and noticed a walker hound and blue tick mix that's available.  Two of my favorite dogs but MAJOR drawbacks with both.  Major.  After the gym, I decided to take the kids over there since we were already out in the sub-artic blizzard.  It was quite a blast.  The facility was teeming with cats just roaming around freely.  Hudson loved it.  Henry was fascinated with photos of the small animals and kept asking it they sold hamsters and rabbits.  The lady responded that did have rabbits and Henry turned to me and asked what I thought about that.  This kid kills me.  Such a talker.  Such a lover. Such a salesman.  He told Bobbie Jo she is part of our family and went through on how she could sleep at our house and that we had lots of food for her to eat.  So sweet.  So after looking at the dog - very pretty but it was extremely loud in the room with all dogs barking.  We decided to see the 300 pound big they had just rescued.  And the two rats - one with a neurological disorder.  And the extra large bunny and small bunny.  Quite the filed trip in snowy Maine in January. 

Not sure if we will try out the dog.  We might.  She is beautiful.  Just not sure about the jumping issue with hounds and the food stealing with little kids.

When we got home, I was dreaming of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, but our oven is broken.  

Then the oven came to life for but a moment.  So I resorted to trying to cook them on the wood stove.  It worked.  Not the soft cookies I was dreaming of.  But they were edible.  Not sure they are worth the calories but Henry thought it was really cool.

Tomorrow we get our oven fixed.  Hopefully.  If the repair man can make it in the snow.

Here's Henry painting the truck Aunt Desi and Uncle Glenn got him for Christmas (sorry I haven't posted more photos - our internet is pretty bad so it's so much easier to upload to facebook from my phone).

Our two boys are so different.  Henry wants constant conversation, attention and human interaction.  He is independent on some levels but I would say more typical boy when it comes to independence and a major people person so NEVER likes to be alone.

Hudson on the other hand wants to do EVERYTHING by himself.  He throws a fit if I try to feed him something.  He even feeds himself yogurt with a spoon.  Tonight he climbed up on the couch and propped his little head on a pillow.  I covered him with a blanket and then tried to cuddle him.  He does like to cuddle but tonight he was mister independent and just wanted to be cool on the couch by himself watching TV.  He is a riot.

He is almost as obsessed with hats as he is with balls.  Just loves them.  Talks about them all the time.

David's job is going fine and he might be starting a Bible study in a town about an hour away.  He got a pair of snow shoes for Christmas and now can't imagine walking in the woods behind our house without them.

I rearranged our bedroom furniture yesterday.  Not that I had formally set anything up.  Was kind of thrown in there.  But now I love it.

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