Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hudson’s First Tooth

This morning sitting on the couch together.  My little one has been in a much better mood, though he did cut his first tooth yesterday/today or somewhere in between.  Maybe in the night.  He’s definitely about to get two or three more.

Henry and I went looking for a fridge to buy this afternoon.  It was so much fun to have some time alone together.  Much more relaxing.  For fun we rode the escalators at the mall after buying our fridge at Sears.  I love his age. 

Making ice cream has become a Saturday night tradition in our household.  Some times it’s not worthy of eating.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Dave likes to call them my concoctions.  I did wing a strawberry ice cream and it was GROSS.  so gross.  I am sure Tim would have loved it though. Winking smile.

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