Tuesday, February 26, 2013

International Afternoon

One of my favorite things about our church here in Baltimore is the people with whom we get to fellowship who are from all over the world.  My friend Irynne (far right), who I met in the mother’s room her first night at church a week or so ago, is from London.  She came to church after meeting Faith who is from Uganda and now lives in Baltimore with her family.  Faith’s children are the two girls on the far left and the little boy in the green pants.  Faith is holding Irynne’s daughter who is the reason for Irynne being in the US.  Irynne traveled to visit her brother while pregnant and couldn’t return home because the doctors wouldn’t give her a release to fly.  She is now waiting for her daughter to be strong enough to fly the international flight.  Henry asked her if we could keep her baby.


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