Friday, February 8, 2013

Days Fly By

Our days seem to fly by lately. 

Hudson loves to play in Henry’s room.  He’s been so into toys lately.  I love watching his personality develop.  I would say so far what I can see is independence and determination.  He got his second tooth this week and I think his third broke through today or is just about to.  It’s hard to tell because the gum becomes so thin at the end it almost seems like they have broken through before they do.

Henry is always performing.  And always funny.  Today he told me I have udders to feed the baby.  Pretty classic.


I have been reading my Aunt Lynne’s book Noble Hill.  It’s so interesting and having a hard time putting it down.  It’s a historical fiction novel but based on my great grandfather’s siblings and parents and life on the farm.  So interesting.  I can see some strong family traits that still remain.

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