Monday, February 4, 2013

Morning Time


We are headed towards our normal in the morning now.  Hudson is crawling all over the house and looks like another tooth (top front) will cut through today or tomorrow. 

David is a happy camper because the Ravens won the Super Bowl.  I watched the beginning and then stopped to put the kids to bed.  Then watched Downton Abbey.  I managed to muster up enough interest to watch the last five minutes of the game which is a lot for me!  They did a good job.

We are getting a new fridge today.  Nothing fancy.  Just to match our current stove.  All of our appliances are different colors from the previous owner.

Reading a book on 50 Christians You should know or something like that.  So inspired by their stories. 

My mom is on a cruise with her husband in the Caribbean.  They sailed out of Miami yesterday.  Praying they have a complete blast.

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