Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2 Years 2 Days


We moved here January 28, 2011.  We had a dog and a one year old.  Now we have a three year old and a seven month old and we lost our beloved Maggie.  Wish we had a better two year anniversary in Maryland but our most recent days have been filled with grumpy baby, stressed mommy and bouncing off the walls Henry.  Here’s hoping 2 years and 3 days is filled with a healthy, happy, pain free baby, a spirit-filled mommy and a toddler who can enjoy bouncing off something other than our furniture and my nerves.  Smile

I am VERY thankful that we are all on the mend.  VERY.  I am ready to get in the car and go to the park.  Or get some food.  Or something. 

I am ending my month with Melaleuca and that is always busy. 

Baby was fever free for the most part today.  Just very, very, very grumpy.  Could be the teeth.

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