Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ice Cream Recipe Take II




I am still having fits of laughter.

It reminds me of a night when Stacey cooked us a dinner at her house and then watched as we took the first bite.

I prepared the recipe which boasted of creamy and easily frozen coconut milk ice cream.

It was actually VERY fun to make.  I liked beating the egg whites into frothy white mountains.  I think it’s so cool they do that.

So the mixture ended up being quite a lot and didn’t quite fit into the ice cream maker.  So I kept adding more and more as it froze.  Not something I will do again.  I am learning as I go.  And I am realizing smaller batches come out better.  I do need a recommendation on storage.

So towards the end (the mixture was of a soft serve consistency), I added chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and small marshmallows (for Henry).  It didn’t get as solid as I had hoped – going back to that adding too much mixture thing.  But it was quite tasty.  I did a vanilla coconut milk recipe.  We bought a high quality, full fat, canned coconut milk.  It was MUCH better than the previous brand we had used. 

Over all it was a very nice experience UNTIL I mentioned it.

I gave Dave a large bowl of which he had consumed half.  I told him I hoped we were all okay eating raw eggs.  He didn’t believe me at first because it might be some weird thing I could throw out there to get a laugh.  Then he realized I was serious but laughing anyway.  I am still laughing.  And Dave now has a psychosomatic illness. 

I think I’ll use a different recipe next time.  I’m not really into the raw egg thing either.  

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