Thursday, January 10, 2013

Babies in the Morning…


We are preparing to go to Maine next week for my sister’s wedding.  So far God has completely taken car of us as always.  I was going to rent a car from the airport but it’s $100 more than renting 5 miles down the road.  I was prepared to take a cab with two children, two car seats and luggage by myself to save the $100.  Then my friend Heather texted me and offered to pick us up at the airport and drop us off at the car rental place!  Thank you Heather.  So sweet of you.  Please pray for our little adventure.

We went to look at another house a few days ago.  It has a pool.  The reason I mention that is Henry didn’t want to leave the house.  He told me and my realtor, who happens to be my best friend’s mother, that our house is gross and he didn’t want to go back there.  Very funny.

Hudson is becoming more and more mobile.  He gets around without full fledge crawling.

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