Monday, January 28, 2013


Took Hudson to Patient First last night because I couldn’t imagine another night of fevers after a day of fevers and being worried without knowing for sure what was going on.  It stinks that kids get the sickest when the doctor’s office isn’t open. 

Hudson was tested for strep and the flu and checked for his oxygen level.  He tested positive for the flu.  The doctor said he is doing well for being a baby and many kids (and grownups) have breathing problems with this years flu.  I guess that explains Henry’s episode the other night.  He is still sick.  I am still sick but have no time to rest just because I am the mommy. 

Dave is at the clinic now. 

The doctor said it’s a week or two of sickness and a solid month to recover. 

I am thankful we know what we are dealing with.  I was thinking maybe Hudson had an ear infection or strep or pneumonia or none.  I wasn’t really sure, I just didn’t want to go on not treating him if he needed treatment.

On a funnier note:

Our neighbor is selling his house.  We are hoping for some nice neighbors (he’s really nice) who take care of their property.  While taking care of a sick baby and watching a sick toddler bounce around, I noticed a nice family walking up to our neighbor’s house with a realtor.  I told Dave it is too bad we all look like hell or else I would go outside to say hi.  Then I said we should send Henry out.  Henry turned to me and said, “Please don’t give me away.”  I laughed my head off.

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