Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dr. Mark Hyman on 6 Reasons to Avoid Dairy

Just to bug Stacey… haha.  I love Dr. Mark Hyman’s book Ultra Mind.  After being put on a cocktail of prescriptions and being diagnosed with several issues in his 40’s, as an ER doctor he began to study the effects of heavy metals and other highly intolerant substances on the body.  He has made a huge impact on autism and the war on Alzheimer's.  He also has been able to cure several medical doctors from chronic health issues including mental health issues and chronic obesity.  His book is very balanced.  He is not against prescriptions but is into functional medicine (root cause) vs. traditional medicine (treating symptoms).  He has authored several books and has a highly successful practice in MA. 

Here he is on 6 Reason’s to Avoid Dairy.  Click here. 

Here are 7 Keys to Ultra Wellness.  Click here.

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