Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Sleepies for Moi

Seem to be on one of my no sleep cycles.  The good news is I’m loving (that reminds me of McDonald’s) Come Spring AND I have the cutest child on earth.  He walks around jibber jabbering about Zac and my grandfather.  I think they are his favorites along with Teagan.  So, so, so cute to watch him develop as a little person.  I love asking him questions because most of the time he dogmatically says no and it cracks me up! 

Dave is off to the coal mines this morning (going to work).  I think Henry and I might go to breakfast with my father and hopefully Jana.

Needed a sabbatical after attempting my first art projects because I burned my lungs with spray paint.  (a break from crafts – not a vacation ha –ha).

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