Monday, July 22, 2013

What's So Amazing About Grace?

Hmmm.... I liked the book better before it got into politics and national issues. I am not sure grace can be applied on a national level if folks don't understand the grace of God and the depravity of man on a personal level. I guess that's why I love Watchman Née so much. He makes it clear that our weaknesses are a blessing because it becomes clear that our strength is nothing apart from God. We need to fail, we need to become weak to be transformed into the image of God. I could be wrong, but I sense that Phillip Yancey wants to make a more perfect world through grace. But applying grace without the Spirit of God is just like everything else... A conformity not a true transformation.  Just my meditation. I do agree with Yancey that grace is the only answer. God's transforming grace.  The church is missing the boat in reaching out to the down and out.

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