Friday, July 26, 2013

Afternoon with the Africans

The boys and I had a fun afternoon with our African neighbors.  I had a lovely time interviewing Sylvia (the wife/mother) and her friend ChiChi who was visiting.  They were eating traditional African food which they eat with their hands.  It's a dough made from oats and wheat that they roll around in their hands and then dip into a soup made from goat and dried fish.  I have to say that it didn't look that appetizing to this bratty American.  I totally would have tried it though if it didn't have wheat.

I took this photo off the web - what the soup looked like.

This is what the ball of dough looks like.

Sylvia and I are now fast friends.  She told me she just knew I wasn't from Baltimore because I was too nice.  Then when she and her friend found out I was from Maine they ABSOLUTELY loved me.  They told me that Mainers have the biggest hearts.  I loved asking them their opinion on everything.  

They told me it's very difficult to raise children in America because back home in Nigeria everyone helps everyone.  In America you do it alone.  

They are building a home back in Nigeria and it's their heart to return.  They showed me all of their photos.  Many of Kenneth's dad's burial which was interesting and very different than most Americans.  We don't typically take photos of dead people and especially not with other living folks gathered around them.  

They go to an African Christian church and have invited me.  I think I would love to check it out .... but those Africans are long winded, man.  They don't just go to church, they go to church ALL day.  May be worth a looksee though.  We shall see.

PS They know we call them the Africans :)

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