Thursday, July 25, 2013


I think the older we get the more difficult it can become to rest because our worries seem to increase.  Not talking about not working or not taking care of kids, but resting in the arms of God.  I heard this amazing definition of poneros evil today.  I wish I can remember it.  But it had something to do with our doing instead of being and just resting in the plan of God.  Our just-get-it-done attitude can be down right evil.  The Finished Work of Jesus seats us far above everything.  A great place to rest.  When we take our hands off, it gives God room to put His hands on.  Trust.  Believe.  Rest.  Very encouraging and very convicting at the same time.  So glad my husband is such a great teacher and believer of the finished work.  It's a good match for this gitter done girl!

We had a fun day at the zoo with Rye and Tim the other day.  I have been posting more on Facebook because it seems so much easier and fast and you get instant gratification!  Poor excuses.

Today we went to Trader Joe's and were supposed to go to a play date with this Meet Up group I am a part of.  We were actually supposed to go to Mom's Bible Study as well but Henry woke up late and we ended up blowing off our play date too.  I am trying to meet other moms in the community outside the routine things I do.

Instead... we went to the park.  The local Y summer program was there and Hudson was a star.  The kids followed him around, several asked if they could be his baby sitter and one set of twins begged, I mean BEGGED us to come over to their house tonight.  They gave me their address and phone number.  I am sure their mom would be thrilled about that.

Then we went to the library and got some new books and I found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Henry has been watching it in the other room while Hudson takes a nap and I work.  He has been laughing his head off.  I have such good memories of watching that movie but don't remember it!  Haha.

We also fed the geese and ducks at a local man made pond.  I thought I saw a frog staring at us (everyone who know me knows how thrilled I was), but it was a turtle.  I had just told Henry that we wouldn't see a turtle (he and Dave have been watching Turtle Man on TV).  Then, of course, we find the one turtle that LOVES bread and runs pretty fast after it up onto the shore towards us.  I started to be a little scared of the turtle.  I played it cool and thought it was pretty cool while Henry stood on high ground to avoid being eaten and killed by the 8 inch turtle.  Was a pretty comical situation.  Another mother came along and Henry told her our story and she assured us that turtles are scared etc.  Then she saw this turtle and said she understood why Henry was on top of a rock.

Here are our photos from the day:

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