Monday, April 29, 2013

Salt Lake City Bound on Wednesday

We will be flying out to Salt Lake City, Utah, Lord willing, on Wednesday.  I am going to the Melaleuca convention and Dave will be watching the boys in the hotel.  I am very excited to be going and very thankful that Dave will be watching the boys in the hotel next to the convention so I don't have to worry.  God is faithful!

Henry has been telling everyone we are going to Utalk (Utah) and Jackson Hole.  After the convention we are driving up to Jackson Hole, WY to get a glimpse of Yellowstone.

Dave was offered to test into a new job today.  Everyone else got training for the test and they told Dave he had to test out of it without the training and that it would be very difficult.  Many people prayed and he passed!  Praise God.  He will officially start training as an under writer very soon.  We are incredibly grateful to God for bringing so many blessing and clarity.

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