Friday, April 19, 2013

Eucharisteo - Continued Hudson 10 Months Old

Paul learned to be content in whatever situation he was in.  The point Ann Voskamp brought in her book was that Paul stated learned twice.  We have to be intentional about our gratefulness because the fall was all about ingratitude and we gravitate toward the fruit.

One behavior I have noticed in myself is being easily distracted and less present in the moments.  Going a hundred miles an hour and not ever being fully there.

And then I learn from my four year old.  He fully lives in every moment, every detail of every day.  He truly lives.  I am so grateful for what he teaches me.  He enjoys life with every fiber of his being.  He stops to notice and enjoy details of situations.  

I am thankful that he enjoyed the smallest gift of sun glasses yesterday and wanted to wear them all day today even in his pajamas inside and even when it was raining outside.

I am practicing saying Eucharisteo to myself when he is asking me for the same thing 1,000 times and at the same time Hudson is screaming and we are trying to get out of the door.  Eucharisteo.  Thankful for the air in my baby's lungs and for insatiable brain of my toddler.  

I am thankful for 10 months today outside of the womb.  I think of all the babies that their mothers made the choice for them not to live and I hold mine tightly and give thanks.

I am so grateful for cuddles with this little man and watching his little personality develop.

Celebrating his 10 month birthday with Aunt Stacey, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Molly, Uncle Wayne (pictured), Sam, mommy and Henry.

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