Saturday, April 20, 2013

chubby feet

i wanted to take a photo of hudson's chubby feet today.  but the day got away from me.  i just love those little feet and i am always thinking about my baby even when i am away from him for a few hours.  so thankful for the gift God has given to us.

i love how he moves his little hand across fabric because he loves texture so much.  i love how he rubs my arm when we are cuddling.  i love watching his little personality develop.  he is a home body and mommy's boy but very strong willed and independent at the same time.  he's very, very opinionated.

i made the mistake of letting him play with the home phone and now he throws a fit if he sees it and cannot have it.  big mistake on my part but still find it cute.

thankful for my husband who is such a helper and a man in love with his family.  last night i had appointments so he made indian food and tonight hudson was fussy (i had to be with him) so dave made salmon on the grill, salad, rice and asparagus.  so good.  so grateful.

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