Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hudson Almost Walking

Hudson took 10-12 steps on May 31.  He's been doing that ever since and had been taking a few before that but hasn't completely transitioned.  He is definitely different than Henry in that he is completely fearless.  He is fearless about water, walking, getting into things.  Just plain fearless.

We just started doing with Henry.  It's definitely a learning process for all of us.  Dave and I teaching and Henry having us as facilitators.  He really loves it.

Robin is still with us (Bible College student from Maine).  It's been really fun for all of us to have her around.

Dave, Henry & Robin are at church tonight.  Hudson and I are listening online.  Getting over one of the most severe and quick onset of a sickness ever.  I think I ignored symptoms of an infection for too long and didn't realize.  Got antibiotics from IV this morning and was able to sleep today.

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