Saturday, June 8, 2013

Henry and mommy had a few hours alone today.  We got his hair cut and had a lunch date at Chipotle (Henry's choice).  He went up to each table individually and struck up a conversation with them and pretended to record what they were eating.  He was so cute.

We played outside this afternoon.  Our new neighbor has a little boy who is almost two.  His name is Liam but Henry calls him Leo.  Henry gets so excited when "Leo" is home because he lives with his mom most of the time.  Henry also loves to talk to his dad and calls his dad "neighbor".  It's very cute because every five seconds Henry says, "Hey, neighbor."

After going inside and taking a bath with his brother, Henry set up a produce stand in the living room.  He announced a 30 seconds to "Come get your fruits and vegetables at the produce stand!"  We asked where he got his supply and he told us Target.  We bought several items (oranges) from him on several different occasions.  He's quite the pushy salesman.

All the while, this one who just learned to walk, is desperately trying to sweep the floor.  Kind of a Valerie/ Sonja Sue gene all mixed into one.  And he's quite the little screamer when he doesn't get his way.

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