Friday, June 7, 2013

75% walking

News for this week:

Dave & i have been looking at real estate.  Not shocking to anyone who knows us well. It would be more shocking if we weren't.  Anyway, there is nothing on the market in our area. Nothing. The mortgage crisis has decreased the inventory and increased the prices since less people are selling. Good news is the equity in our house is on the rise. Bad news is upgrading without a drastic increase in budget is next to impossible. Thank God we serve a God of the impossible. and, in His timing He will provide.

I think I broke a toe for the first time. But feeling very healthy otherwise after a rough few days.

Been ploughing through a pile of books. Onto Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore. Really looking forward to this one. I have had a deep desire to study the life of Jesus lately.

My biggest news is Hudson is walking 75% of the time and is turning one in a little less than two weeks. All of this is becoming a little hard to swallow. I am a little broken hearted that my baby is growing up.

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