Friday, March 22, 2013

The Struggle of a Mother

or at least this mother... To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question. I so badly need sleep. So badly. My friend Karen and I text pretty much every day with how many times the boys are waking us up in the night. Then there's the older boy crawling into bed... Pushed to the absolute edge of the mattress. Too much heat. Too little heat. Starting the next day fighting oceans of sleep depravity and mountains of needs/ demands. The job of motherhood is VERY humbling. Very. It's so incredible that God gives and continues to give even when we are demanding. Even when we misbehave. He doesn't have to hold his temper because he's working on four hours of continuously interrupted sleep. I remind myself of His love and my limitations. It's definitely a very good place to be and I mean it. Well not the sleep part. The God part hahahaha. So, then there's times like now when I should be sleeping but five minutes to myself seems way more appealing. Way. Until I wake up looking and feeling like a train rolled over me. That's the struggle of a mother with small children.

But we have enjoyed our days... yesterday we had Dee over for a visit and played with one of Henry's chicks.

Today a utility worker knocked on our door to tell us that our power would be out for the day.  Henry immediately got very concerned for his chicks because they need a heat lamp.  I love his tender little heart.  They made it.  Praise God.  We brought them upstairs into the dining room, though it was pretty cold in the whole house because we had no heat for the day either.

So now I sit by myself... in a quiet house... two very unusual events.  Enjoying it.  ;).

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