Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Festivities

Henry has been VERY excited about decorating Easter Eggs.  He didn’t even want to eat lunch today.  He is SO cute.  I just LOVE some things about his age.  And then there are times like these….  photo DSC_1091_zps0fb33d59.jpgwhen he pops the food coloring tablet into his mouth faster than I can blink an eye because he thinks it is candy.

 photo DSC_1093_zpsbf4e86c0.jpg

After several minutes of washing of hands and brushing of teeth, we managed to have some fun again.

 photo DSC_1098_zps0bab52a6.jpg


 photo DSC_1117_zps637c198e.jpg

 photo DSC_1111_zpsd32d0c51.jpg

 photo DSC_1122_zpseb4c4556.jpg

 photo DSC_1123_zps45b181e4.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_zpsc2414270.jpg

Hudson LOVES the melon from the edible arrangement Grammie Sue & Grampa Dan got us for Easter! 

We shared the story of Easter with Henry today.  We told him that Jesus died on the Cross for us.  He was so cute when he asked why.  I am sure he didn’t get my answer, but it’s such a privilege to communicate the most important thing in life with my child.

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