Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wonders of His Love

I was thinking today about the gift of sight.  Yes, just plain old sight.  Not really plain and not really simple.  Truly amazing.  How could sight evolve on its own?  The idea that a small organ or member can take in information that is fed to your brain and then we can SEE.  Some better than others.  But we can see.  So amazing.  We not only see, we can perceive depth (even if its off), we can identify textures and partake of the many shades of colors.  Such a miracle.

You plant your garden in fertile soil and then water and sun do their jobs, but a baby needs human affection to grow properly.  How does evolution translate human affection being a key factor in the healthy growth of a human being?  God is so miraculous.  Men can create pillows that simulate the beat of a human heart, but nothing can replace the nurture of something unseen (well, you can see the physical signs but you can also fake them but a baby knows who loves him) – the unseen love that constantly flows between mother and child. 

Wow, the wonders in His world and of His love.

P.s.  It’s amazing what can make you praise God when you become a parent.  My child is severely constipated and I am going to praise God when I see large amounts of poop come out of his body.  Please pray it will very soon.

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