Friday, December 17, 2010

Too Many Communist Torture Stories

I think I've been reading too many stories about Christians being tortured by Communists before I go to bed.  Last night I dreamt I was about to get shot in the head while in my bed by a Communist who used to be a classmate in Bible College.   Hmm.  Interesting and pretty scary while dreaming it.  I also had a dream about searching for some pretty weird houses.  Must be processing everything.  I also had a dream I was trying to do my radio show.  I forgot about it until after Dave and I were folding our very thread bare sheets just outside the radio studio (????).  I realized it was 20 minutes after 11.  Then these two, very handicapped kids kept getting in my way of operating the systems but couldn’t say anything for obvious reasons (maybe I am processing my mom and Molly’s lives too).

I am definitely turning into my mother.  I dream of waking up in the morning and drinking coffee and enjoying the day before I even go to sleep.  I used wonder how anyone could enjoy the morning.

Henry and I are getting on a plane this evening (Lord willing) to head south for 48 hours.  We are on a mission to be disclosed at a later date.  I am excited.

Last night I put my LL Bean puff daddy jacket on to ride to Walmart with Dave so he could get some cold medicine (pray for him.  He’s had a terrible cold for several weeks now).  I have had the jacket for over 10 years now.  It brings back funny memories.  I was either 21 or 22 and Vinny and I were headed home for Christmas from Baltimore.  I believe we were with Sarah Hallett.  I think she was coming to spend the holiday with us.  Anyway, Sarah’s jacket’s zipper was broken and she wanted to stop at LL Bean (or something similar).  It’s always easy to stop there because they are open 24 hours a day.  In my trunk was my LL Bean jacket I had purchased  a couple of years before and had left in the trunk of my car with a bottle of bleach.  Some bleach got on it and burned a hole in a very conspicuous location.  I knew it was a stretch to get my coat fixed because it was completely my fault.  But I thought it was worth an ol’ college try.  For Vinny at least.  I begged him to make up a story to get a new coat for me.  He agreed as long as I went with him.  Yes, we were Bible College students trying to beat the LL Bean system with grandiose lies.  No one ever claimed we were perfect.  So, after making it through a customer service line, I think Vinny approached the middle aged female agent with a story about his “niece”.   During the beginning of the conversation I was thinking he could have done better on his story.  Since he was the one making the effort and my only job was not to look too guilty, I just stood there with prayers and gratitude.  Isn’t it funny how we pray even when we are doing something wrong – pray for a good outcome.  Well, the lady finally agreed to exchange for  a new jacket.  When ending our conversation, she looked at me and said, “Tell your niece, ……….”  I was mortified.  But I got a new jacket.  Thank you, Vinny.  I am still wearing it.   Probably not the best process and not even slightly upright.  But embarrassing moments make for great memories when the other one involved is in heaven.  Oh yeah, Sarah didn’t get what she wanted because when she purchased her jacket at goodwill it was only part of the jacket.

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