Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring IS Here!

MASSIVE chicken egg!!

We love visiting the Belted Galloway in Rockport!

Dairy Farm up the road.



First 5K for my friend Bobbie Jo


Christopher and Grampa on Grammie's 75th

Church event at Molly's on Pond

Henry got into freezing cold water.

Dave mowing our huge lawn with boys.

So grateful to live down the road from Jessica.

Papa and Henry plowing our garden.

Full moon walk with neighbors.  Was a fun time.

First time away from kids.  Bobbie and I went to the Melaleuca Convention in Salt Lake City.

Too busy for sight seeing but coming into the city on the plane was breathtaking.

So many people and such a wonderful company.

Artist does painting on canvas to music in minutes.  It looks like nothing and then he flips around and, boom, Elvis.

Finally, a grilled Rachael spelled the correct way.  Hahah

My babies did so well without me.  But was so good to be with them today!

Our yard.

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