Saturday, April 26, 2014

Catching Up - Spring, Farm & Easter

Children's Chapel Rockport, Maine

Children's Chapel with Christopher, Henry & Hudson (yesterday).
They all loved it but Chris loved it the most.

Hudson throwing rocks into the ocean yesterday at the South End of Rockland Public Beach.

Chris throwing rocks.  What a gorgeous place we live in.  Henry hasn't been feeling well.  He was busy collecting sea shells.

Henry and Hudson

Hudson running around the park of the Children's Chapel.

We walked around the boardwalk in Rockland.

Easter Sunday hugs before church.

Easter baskets before church.

Henry on the egg hunt at church.

Hudson on the egg hunt at church.

Henry spying out the egg hunt int he church window.

My afternoon walk on Easter Sunday.  Reflection in a farm pond.

Hudson egg hunting at my mom's.

Henry at my mom's.

Henry at the church.

Our chickens enjoying the yard.

Chickens kissing.

Hudson getting muddy.

Hudson getting into things.

Juicing again.

Morning snuggles.

Crazy wild turkeys.  17 of them total.

Henry the day before Easter planting seeds at a farm up the road.

Hudson at the Guini Ridge Farm open farm day.

Henry and Chris at the egg hunt in our town center.

Hudson eating cereal.

The Easter cake I made for Henry.

Henry playing with the chickens.


Our rooster Charles in Charge.

Hudzy Bear


My cuteness

Camping outside with daddio


Our slugger

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