Monday, September 2, 2013

Better Job

I need to do a better job at recording moments on this blog.  There are so many things happen in a day with our two boys...

Henry - Henry is our creative child with huge imagination.  He is really funny.  Like on the way to church yesterday he started calling Dave daddy-leuca for Melaleuca and kept inviting us on training conference calls.  He loves Hudson but is also jealous and loves to tackle him a little too much.  He pretends to be an "animal doctor" with his stuffed animals and has an animal hospital in his room.  He's very cuddly... especially with pretty girls.  He saw aunt Kelly for the first time in a long time and just cuddled up to her on the couch all afternoon today.

Hudson - While it's still a struggle to get Henry to use utensils, Hudson has almost mastered them.  We laugh because most children have pacifiers or blankets as comfort objects while Hudson walks around with large serving spoons.  He also gets a kick out of inflicting pain on people (wonder where he gets that haha).  He loves animals just like Henry and loves the outdoors.  He has no fear so we have to constantly be on guard with him.

We had a great time visiting my Aunt Teresa and the rest of the Galkowski family in RI on our recent trip.  We have so many folks going through major life changes after losing my grandfather last fall.  I got to see some of my cousins.  My cousin Liz I haven't seen in years though we do talk on the phone.  I got to see her and her four kids.  Please pray for her as she just lost her estranged husband and father of her children very suddenly this weekend.

Maine was great.  God ordered our steps and never ceases to amaze me in that way.

My mom has the most beautiful time share in Rockland we got to stay in.  It was such a treat to have a beautiful landing pad with a gorgeous view where we could relax and make meals for the kids.  Such a blessing.  Henry got to go lawn saling with my mom as well.  I think she could have a new partner in crime because he talks about it all the time.  My mom also spoiled us with Lobsters while we were there.  Such a treat.

While we were up there we looked at houses for a possible move back to Maine.  It has been on our heart for a year.  We just started taking steps of faith to see if God would open doors.  I remember someone saying sometimes you feel like you are waiting on God forever and then when He starts to move you feel like you can't keep up.  Yup.  We are there.  We have a home appraisal and inspection on our house here tomorrow.  It's under contract.  It all happened in perfect timing while we were up in Maine.  We really see God's hand in all of this.

I am still reading Beth Moore's book on Jesus.  It's so good.  I have had so many meditations lately.  I love my church here and the messages we are fed.  So excited to share that Word with the folks in Maine but most of all support my husband in his call.  Very excited for him and what God is doing in his life.

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